Graphmatica also lets you place up to ten short text labels directly on the graph surface. This allows you to attach annotations to specific points on the graph, such as intersections, zero-crossings, etc. to convey extra information to the users of your .GR files or printed graphs. Note that the annotations are attached to real-number coordinates on the graphing screen, not any specific equations. At this point, determining the text labels is up to you, although in the future there may be the option to label intersection points automatically.

To add an annotation, choose the Annotations item from the Edit menu and type in a short phrase. Use the Special Characters tool window (select Special Characters in the Edit menupress the αβγ... button) to help you enter characters that don't appear on your keyboard. Press enter or click the Place button to position the text. You will notice that the mouse cursor changes to an arrow dragging a block of text. Click the mouse where you would like the upper-left corner of the text to start. (Or, use the arrow keys and press enter to drop the text at the cursor position.)

You can also edit the annotations list. In the Annotate Graph dialog box, first click on the label you want to modify. To delete it, click the Delete button. To modify the text, change the text in the edit control and click Change. If you want to change the placement of the selected annotation, click the Place button to end the dialog; otherwise press the Close button.

Shortcut: double-clicking on a displayed annotation will bring up the Annotate Graph dialog box. Also, right-clicking on any annotation will display a popup menu with options to edit, move, or delete the annotation.

Annotations are saved with an equation list, as are the text labels, regardless of whether you choose to save setup info with the file. Also, annotations are always displayed; the setting of the Show Labels option is ignored.

You can select the font used for annotations using the Fonts tab in the Graph Paper dialog box.

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