Specifying the name of a valid equation list file (with or without the ".GR" extension) loads that file upon startup. Unless autoredraw=off is specified in the [options] section of the file, the graphs are drawn as soon as the grid is drawn. You can abort the whole redraw by aborting one of the graphs.

You can provide any number of files for loading; the only restriction is that if they contain a total of more than 25 equations, some of the first equations loaded will not be stored. Also the graph title and options will be set to those found in the last file specified, and any other file's settings may be forgotten.

The installer associates the .GR extension with Graphmatica, so you can load a file by double-clicking on it in the Explorer.

By default, Graphmatica looks for a configuration file called GRAPHMAT.INI in the subdirectory of %APPDATA% corresponding to where you installed the program. For example, if you install in c:\Program Files (x86)\Graphmatica on Windows 7, it will be in C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Graphmatica. (If you did not install under Program Files, it will just be in the same directory as Graphmatica.exe.) If you prefer, you can use a file with a different name or in a different directory. This allows you to maintain multiple configurations for the same login on one computer, and access them easily by creating separate program items in Program Manager or shortcuts in Explorer.

To specify an alternate .ini file to use, add


to the command-line you use to start the program, where filename.ini is the name of the file to load. You can specify a full path or just a filename in the starting directory. You must specify the file extension; it is not assumed.

If you use the /i switch to point a number of locally-installed copies of the program to a single. shared copy of graphmat.ini on a network volume, you should disable the "Save Settings on Exit" option and then mark that file read-only after configuring the program the way you like it to prevent unwanted modification when the program is run on another workstation.

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