Graphmatica comes equipped with the following demonstration files to show you examples of each kind of graph it can draw. Each file contains a group of related equations, and each equation has a comment attached describing the curve it generates.

Try loading each file up (with the Open List command in the File menu), manipulating the view of the equations, redrawing, and modifying some equations.

CornuSpiral.GR a beautiful--but advanced--example of using systems of ODEs with the alternate-variables feature to draw a graph which would otherwise be intractable (see
DATAPLOT.GR sample data plot
DIFEQ.GR slope field and Runge-Kutta approximations of a first-order differential equation. examples of the various types of domain specifications supported, including interval notation and piecewise-defined functions (new in 2.2)
FUNCTIONS.GR example of custom functions and their use
GRAPHMAT.GR draws Graphmatica's name, to demonstrate parametric equations
IMPLICIT.GR sample of relations defined as implicit functions
INEQUAL.GR sample of several inequalities
LOGLOG.GR sample of using logarithmic graph paper
ODE2.GR common second-order ODE approximations for simple harmonic motion
POLAR.GR graphs using polar coordinates Examples of constants, equations, and annotations defined using newly-supported Unicode characters (new in 2.2)
TRIG.GR graphs of trigonometric functions
XYDEMO.GR Cartesian-coordinate equations, quadratic equations, relations

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