Graphmatica can export an image of the grid and your graphs to import into another application or share on the web.

Export Graphs JPG Save the grid and titles as a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image file.
Export Graphs PNG Save the grid and titles as a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file. PNG files optionally support a transparent background, which you can select by checking the Transparent background checkbox in the Export dialog box.

You will be prompted to provide a folder and filename to use for the image file. Both file formats are commonly accepted for import/manipulation by popular image processing tools and can easily be referenced by HTML documents for display on the web.

On Windows 2000 and XP machines that do not have Microsoft Office installed, the PNG encoder produces noticeably clearer images that also require less disk space, so you should prefer Export Graphs PNG over Export Graphs JPG unless you specifically require JPEG-format images.

Image export always uses the current color scheme displayed on screen. The size of the image also matches the current grid size on screen, so you may want to adjust the window or point tables size before exporting the graphs.

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