Graphmatica allows you to select an arbitrary new range using only the mouse. To zoom in to any part of current grid, first select the area you want to see with the mouse by holding down the left button and enlarging the selection rectangle. Then click the Zoom in button in the Button Bar (or select Grid Range from the View menu). Graphmatica will draw the new grid and display the exact coordinates of the new range on the status line.

To zoom out around a point, click the Zoom out button after selecting the area you want to be at the center of the new grid. (The new grid that results is essentially the same as what you would get by centering the current grid around the selection, then zooming out at the default scale factor.)

The highlighting of the selection will be cleared as soon as you click Zoom in or Zoom out, click the mouse in the graph window, clear the screen, draw another graph, or make a new selection.

You don't have to worry about matching the shape of the selection to the shape of the grid perfectly; the computer will take care of it for you. Depending on how you draw the rectangle, either the top or bottom y-coordinate will be AutoScaled. If you start from the bottom and draw up, the bottom coordinate will be fixed and the top one computed automatically. If you draw downward, the top coordinate will be fixed and the bottom one AutoScaled. Move the pointer horizontally to change the size of the selection; aside from checking whether you move it up or down, Graphmatica completely disregards the vertical position of the pointer and calculates the y-axis size automatically. As you draw the selection, Graphmatica prints out the range numerically on the status line.

Note: If you want to select a grid that is not square, turn the AutoSquare option OFF, and you will be able to select any shape you please, regardless of the effect on the aspect ratio. When you zoom out using a non-square aspect ratio, the region you select is used not only to determine the new centerpoint of the grid, but also the new aspect ratio (the horizontal size remains the same before zooming out, but the vertical size is adjusted to match the aspect of the selection).


You can also drag the grid surface around by pressing and holding the middle mouse button while you move the mouse. The grid will move in the same direction (as if you were moving a piece of paper with your finger).

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