Copy Tables copies the contents of the currently-visible table to the clipboard as tab-delimited text. If the Point Tables are displayed, all of the equations in the table are copied. If the Data Plot Editor is visible, just the points in the current data plot are copied. If neither of these windows is visible, this menu item is disabled.

Copy Equations copies the selected equation (or, if no equation is selected, all of the equations entered in the redraw queue) to the clipboard, from which you can paste the text into any Windows application.

Paste Data Plot pastes a table of tab- or space-delimited x, y coordinates (one per line) into the current data plot (or creates a new data plot if necessary). If the first line cannot be parsed as numeric data, it is ignored. This option allows you to copy and paste two-column regions from a spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel) rather than re-entering the data in Graphmatica. Numbers formatted as currency ($##,###.##) or percentages are accepted but converted to simple decimals. Non-numeric fields (dates, etc.) are not acceptable and will be ignored.

Note: If you have WebRoot SecureAnywhere installed, it may deny Graphmatica access to the clipboard, causing Paste Data Plot to fail. Please see FAQ #13 on the Graphmatica web site for help on configuring SecureAnywhere to fix this problem.

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