Feel free to distribute copies of Graphmatica to your friends and upload it to web sites or bulletin boards as long as 1) you charge no fees for its use or distribution and 2) you do not modify the program or documentation files in any way. Shareware vendors may distribute the program with the additional restrictions that 1) you charge less than $5 per disc, for materials and handling only, and 2) you contact me to be sure you have the current version first.

You have license to use this program as you see fit but it is to be taken as is with no warranties, express or implied. I know of a few minor bugs, but nothing serious that could cause loss of data. Please tell me about any bugs you may find so that I can correct them for the next release.

If, after using Graphmatica, you find that it is easy, helpful, and convenient to use, please support the release of future versions by printing and filling out the registration form included (either REGISTER.RTF [WordPad] or REGISTER.TXT [ASCII text]) and sending your contribution (payable to Keith Hertzer, in U.S. funds) to the address below:

    345 Montecillo Dr.
    Walnut Creek, CA 94595-2654

If you send $25 or more, you will be registered to be notified when the next version of Graphmatica is available (and receive a complimentary copy on CD if you request it). For releases after that, you will be notified and may download the new version for free or receive a CD for a nominal fee.

Site licenses are also available at a substantial discount for users of multiple copies; ask me for details if you are interested. Government and school purchase orders are acceptable for site licenses.

On the Internet, look for the latest version on the kSoft homepage at:

You can order on-line with any major credit card using the SWREG secure ordering service. Just go to the following URL:


To insure that you get the latest version, SWREG will notify me the day of your order and I will ship the product directly to you. Unless you select electronic delivery, I am required by my contract with Digital River to ship you something immediately regardless of whether you have the current version already. Therefore, if you order online, you will receive the most current version right away.

The Mac OS X version can also be purchased on the Mac App Store. In this case, you will need to check the Updates pane in the App Store periodically for new versions, as Apple does not provide me with your contact information.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send me e-mail at You can also send me a fax any time at 1-508-519-8936.

Even if you cannot send any money, please help me out by filling out the response form found in REGISTER.TXT and (e-)mailing it to me, especially if you have any suggestions about what I should add to the next upgrade.

WHAT'S NEXT? Your input has been essential to the process of developing and improving Graphmatica. Please drop me an e-mail if you find a bug or have suggestions for future improvements.

If you would like a copy of the source code for Graphmatica (developed using Visual Studio 2010 and Apple's XCode 5.0), please send the fee of $25 and a short note explaining why you would like it.

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