To help make it easier to find just the right domain and range for the function you are graphing, Graphmatica provides scrollbars for the grid which let you pan around the coordinate plane. To leave more room for the graphs, these can be hidden or displayed by choosing the Scrollbars toggle in the View menu. To change the default, make sure you choose Save Setup Info from the File menu after selecting the mode you prefer.

Here's how they work: clicking on the arrow buttons scrolls by 5% of the screen, a "page up" or "page down" click on the scrollbar track scrolls by 25% of the grid, and dragging the thumb all the way to the end scrolls by 50% of the grid. Each time you finish a scroll the "thumb" resets itself to the middle of the scrollbar again, so you can keep scrolling indefinitely.

Note that all graphs must be recalculated after you scroll, just as if you had changed the range by any other means. To make it a little quicker when you scroll by dragging the thumb or holding down on the mouse button for a while, only the graph paper is redrawn until you finish scrolling.

Using a scroll-wheel equipped mouse, you can also scroll vertically using the scroll wheel alone, or horizontally by holding the Shift key down while turning the scroll wheel.

On Mac laptops equipped with the "magic trackpad", you can also use the two-finger scroll gesture to scroll in either dimension.


You can also drag the grid surface around by pressing and holding the middle mouse button while you move the mouse. The grid will move in the same direction (as if you were moving a piece of paper with your finger).

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