If you want to add a title line to your graph, or add labels to the bottom or left or right sides, use the Graph Paper item in the Options menu to bring up the Graph Document settings dialog box, and then select the Labels tab. You can type in a new title, or edit one you typed in previously. When you print, the title is written across the top of the graphs, and it is automatically centered. When you are graphing, unless you have selected the Title and Labels option in the View menu, the labels are not shown on the screen. The space for the bottom label is automatically collapsed if you have not entered one.

Graphmatica can add text labels (rotated 90 degrees) to both sides of your graph. Like the title, these labels are automatically centered (vertically) on the graph. Unless the Show Labels option is on, Graphmatica does not draw these labels immediately, since they are intended mainly to enhance printouts and no space is reserved for them on the screen.

Click the Clear All button to delete all four fields. If you do this by mistake, just Cancel the dialog box and the labels will not be affected.

You can also change the labels for the axes if you don't like the default labels ("x" and "y"). These can be any strings up to 25 characters long. Note that changing the labels has no effect whatsoever on which variables you need to use in your equations. Also, note that if you choose not to display the axes, their labels will not be displayed either.

You can use any Unicode characters you like in your title and labels, including any mix of Latin and Greek letters, superscript and subscript numerals, and mathematical operators that don't appear on standard keyboards. Use the Special Characters tool window (select Special Characters in the Edit menupress the αβγ…. button) to help you enter characters that don't appear on your keyboard.

You can select the fonts used for all of the labels using the Fonts tab in the Graph Paper dialog box.

Shortcut: When the labels are displayed, you can edit them easily by right-clicking on either the title or axis labels (to get a popup menu with Edit Labels… on it) or double-clicking them.

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