Graphmatica allows you to change the typeface and size of all the text labels on the grid, and for most of the controls independently. To do so, select the Fonts tab from Graph Document Settings dialog (Graph Paper... in the Options menu) . This pane of the dialog box allows you to preview and change any of the currently-selected fonts.

You can select any screen font installed on your PC for the following parts of the user interface:

Equation editor, Printout window, and Status bar.

You can also change the fonts for all the text used on the grid. For these items, you must select a WYSIWYG font (TrueType or printer font with matching screen font installed) to ensure that your graphs look the same when printed.

LegendsThe axis legends, except for...
Legends symbolsx axis legends when trig spacing is selected
Axis LabelsThe axis labels by the arrows (usually x and y)
AnnotationsFreeform annotations on the grid
TitleThe title on the top of the graph
Left-side labelmust be a TrueType font, so the labels can be rotated
Right-side labelmust be a TrueType font, so the labels can be rotated
Bottom labelThe label at the bottom of the graph
Printed equation listThis font is used for the equation list, user defined functions, and other text outside of the grid when printing with the Print equation list option selected. For best results, select a fixed-pitch font like Courier.

To change an item's font, select it in the listbox of the Fonts dialog and click the Select Font button. This will bring up the standard font selection dialog box for your operating system. After you have selected all the fonts you want to use using this dialog, choose OK in the Fonts dialog to accept the new settings or Cancel to forget them.

If you want to make your font selections for the legends, labels, and annotations permanent, check Make these fonts the defaults for all graph documents. (If you do not have Save Settings on Exit enabled, you must also use the Save Setup Info option in the File menu to save these changes to disk before you exit the program.)

The fonts you selected for text on the grid will also be saved along with any equation list for which you select the Save setup information with file option.

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