Installing Graphmatica

Instructions for Windows

  1. Double-click Graphmatica24.msi (or other language variant) in the Downloads window of your browser, or in Explorer.
  2. If running on Windows Vista or later, the Windows User Account Control feature may prompt you to enter an Administrator password to allow installation.
  3. Go through the setup wizard, adjusting the installation directory if desired.
  4. You may now delete the downloaded .msi file, or burn it to a CD for backup.
  5. Start Graphmatica from the Start menu (or Apps pane on Windows 8).

Prerequisites for Windows 2000

You will need the following updates from Microsoft before you can succesfully install and run Graphmatica on Windows 2000:

Instructions for Mac OS X

  1. Open the disk image file Graphmatica2.4.dmg from Finder or the Downloads icon in the dock.
  2. Drag the Graphmatica app from the disk image to your Applications folder.
  3. If you would like to register by mail, open register.rtf in TextEdit and print it, or drag it from the disk image to your desktop or Documents folder to print later.
  4. You may now eject and delete the disk image file safely (or back it up in case you need to reinstall someday).


In the rare case that you decide you don't want to keep it and register after 30 days, you should uninstall Graphmatica from your hard drive.

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