Patch release information

Although version 2.0i remains available for download for registered users to maintain existing installations, please note that the current version is now 2.2.

Version 2.0i includes fixes for most reproducible bugs discovered to date. Most of the bugs fixed have been minor/obscure issues, many of which were also present in version 1.6 or were in the new features added in 2.0. To determine if you need a patch release, please consult the What's new list below or the fixed bug list.

Downloading the new version

Version 2.0i for Windows supports all 32-bit and 64-bit platforms: Windows 98/ME, NT 4, and Win 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Version 2.0i is also available for Mac OS X 10.5 and newer (English, Français, Español).

What's new in version 2.0i

  1. Fixed a bug which caused certain inequalities involving absolute values to shade an incorrect region.
  2. Added support for evaluating sequences and converging infinite series. Specify the series as the parameter of the sum() function and optionally provide a domain for the index variable n. For example:
         y=sum(1/2^n) = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + ... = 1
         y=sum(1/2^n) {n:0,2}  = 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 = 1.75
         y=sum(1/2^n) {n:2, }  = 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + ... = 0.5
         y=sum(1/2^n) {n:1,,2} = 1/2 + 1/8 + 1/32 + ... = 0.6666...
         y=sum(1/2^n) {n:0,,2} = 1 + 1/4 + 1/16 + ...   = 1.333...
  3. Added support for calling user-defined functions without parentheses around the function parameter.
  4. Added support for using ";" instead of "," as the separator for parts of a domain specification, to make it easier to enter decimal domains in locales that use "," as the decimal separator.
  5. Added Pick Graph Color popup menu to the context menu displayed when you right-click on a curve.
  6. Otherwise-continuous graphs with undefined "holes" due to division by zero are now drawn with an open circle around the missing point(s).
  7. Added support for entering simple Cartesian functions in the form "f(x)=x^2" instead of "y=x^2".
  8. Fixed bug 68: Graph of x=abs(y^2) incomplete.
  9. AutoRange now works for Cartesian inequalities as well as equations.
  10. Point tables now show x-coordinates as multiples of pi when trig graph paper is selected (using the Greek letter pi).
  11. Point tables refresh automatically when changing between trig and normal graph paper or when changing the tables increment or decimal places.
  12. Point tables row height scales up appropriately for larger font sizes.
  13. Duplicate initial values are now culled to produce sharper graphs more quickly for some complicated implicit functions.
  14. Coordinate cursor now indicates when the cursor is over a critical point.
  15. Character set conversion is now handled properly when transferring files between Mac OS X/iOS and Windows versions.

What's new in version 2.0h

  1. Improved visibility of single-point equations. Fixed "bad pointlist fetch" error that could occur when moving the mouse over them, too.
  2. Disabled scrolling of point tables windows when drawing graphs; this speeds things up tremendously when using a very small custom increment.
  3. Fixed bug which caused point evaluate results to show below many blank rows in the point tables if used immediately after clearing the tables.
  4. Ensured that equations involving sqrt(f(y)) are evaluated over the correct domain.
  5. Added support for fixed-increment (Cartesian and polar) graphs with the step rate specified in the domain. e.g. r = 2 {0, 2p, p/3} draws a hexagon
  6. Fixed various bugs discovered during Mac OS X port:
    • Color-coded equation list printed wrong color for strict inequalities
    • Integal dialog closed instead of Tangent line dialog when equation for tangent line was deleted or hidden
    • Possible memory corruption after drawing equation with no points on screen
    • Possible random line drawing when grid range is changed so that tangent line is no longer visible
    • potential assertion failure due to "locked-on" equation not being cleared when equation deleted or new document loaded
  7. Coefficients in curve-fit equations and large numbers in reloaded data plots are now computed/displayed with the number of significant figures specified in the Point Tables "Decimal places in calculated output" setting. This prevents equations potentially much worse than what the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm actually found (due to rounding to 2 sig figs) from being shown as the result for certain exponential/logistic form fits.

What's new in version 2.0g

  1. Increased the maximum number of decimal places for point tables and other numerical calculations from 8 to 14.
  2. Curve-fit equations now show the correlation coefficient "r" in addition to chi^2 value to help judge the quality of the fit.
  3. Fixed crash on startup on some versions of Wine on Linux.
  4. Derivative equations including the constant "pi" show "pi" instead of "p".
  5. Improved formatting of derivatives of complicated equations by combining common terms and removing redundant terms in more cases.
  6. Added the ability to customize the font used for printing equation lists. Also, fixed an issue where the default font on some printers was too small to be readable.
  7. Fixed Point Evaluate processing of implicit functions with multiple solutions for a given x value; now, up to 5 y values are displayed.
  8. Improved the accuracy of tangent line calculations for implicit functions.

What's new in version 2.0f

  1. Fixed infinite loop parsing comma operator in domains and 2-variable functions when decimal separator is also set to ",".
  2. Fixed crash graphing equations with free variables that have no on-screen solutions.
  3. Added independently-settable font for bottom labels.
  4. Graphs are now recalculated automatically upon changing the Theta Range.
  5. The fraction characters ¼, ½, and ¾ are now accepted in place of normal decimals (before they could cause an infinite loop in the equation parser).
  6. The custom increment for point table spacing now works for polar graphs as well as cartesian and parametric.
  7. Switched from WinHelp to HTML help format, which is supported on Vista.

What's new in version 2.0e

  1. Added 2 more free variables, j and k, to make it easier to parameterize complicated equations.
  2. Fixed crash graphing ODEs that had their highest differential raised to an even power, e.g. dy^2 = x.
  3. Added Heaviside step function: h(x) = 0, for x < 0, 1/2 for x = 0, 1 for x > 0
  4. Fixed bug which prevented the grid from being resized automatically when the equation editor or status bar font size was changed. Also fixed a slight miscalculation which caused the status bar to overlap the bottom of the graph window a bit under some circumstances.
  5. Fixed bug in version 2.0d that sometimes caused equations for derivatives to become garbled.
  6. Added floor() (synonym for int()) and ceiling() functions. Added support for |x| in place of abs(x).
  7. Added mod operator (or %, your choice) to support modulo division.
  8. Added support for 2-variable functions, including min and max.
  9. Fixed another inequality shading problem, this time with curves that are steep near a discontinuity, like y >= sqrt(5x-1)-2.
  10. Improved handling of point tables with small increments/large numbers of points. However, there is still a 1000-point limit.
  11. Fixed bug in 2.0d which prevented changing the name of a data plot.
  12. Tweaked curve-fitting algorithm to run for more iterations by default, so data sets with exact solutions don't end up with extra junk terms in them (e.g. y = 2x+2.1*10^-5).
  13. Added support for solving single-variable equations (and inequalities) with 2 solutions, e.g. x^2-x=6 or x > 6/x
  14. Added support for labels along the bottom of the grid (not just the top).
  15. Fixed bug which caused annotations to print at unreadably small size.
  16. Fixed bug in 2.0d which caused Copy Graphs (Color) to use default color scheme instead of alternate pre-defined color scheme.

What's new in version 2.0d

  1. Fixed bug that prevented changes to the state of the labels from taking effect immediately when changed via the dialog box.
  2. Fixed an infinte loop when graphing on base-10 log paper with the Point Tables on.
  3. Added Unicode support to allow for more East Asian language translations.
  4. Added a number of new checks to make sure you are reminded to save your work on closing a file after making changes other than adding/removing equations.
  5. Fixed implicit function graphing to not display incorrect graphs when given an equation with no solution.
  6. Fixed reload of strict inequalities so the redrawn curve has the same color and dashed pattern as when originally graphed.
  7. Improved detection of discontinuous functions like x=(-3)^y
  8. Fixed crash attempting to change fonts when no printer was installed.
  9. On Windows XP, the program automatically uses the new XP look-and-feel; you no longer need to copy the Graphmatica.exe.manifest file manually.

What's new in version 2.0c

  1. Mouse wheel support added to graph surface and grid control. On the graph surface, Shift+wheel scrolls left-right and Ctrl+wheel zooms in and out.
  2. Fixed bug that prevented you from specifying values for free variables when they were used in an equation only through a user-defined function.
  3. Fixed intermittent errors shading inequalities like "abs x - abs y > 3" and "x^2-y^2 < 6".
  4. Fixed an issue which caused parts of circles/ellipses to disappear when the horizontal axis through them was too close to the edge of the screen.
  5. Added option to shade the inverse of the solution for inequalities.
  6. Added Options button to Integrate Curve dialog box and fixed refresh of integral on screen when you change the integration options.

What's new in version 2.0b

  1. Fixed crash using AutoRange when ODE flow fields are on screen.
  2. Cleaned up documentation errata due to switch to tabbed dialog boxes (no View/Colors menu anymore, for instance)
  3. Added "power function" y = ax^b to equation types available for curve fit.
  4. Fixed crash on Paste Data Plot when the Data Plot Editor was not open.

What's new in version 2.0a

  1. Fixed handling of y = (1/a)^x {a: 1,3,1}. This graph was incorrectly being tagged as a discontinous function.
  2. Corrected references to the defunct Labels menu item in the help file.
  3. Added safeguard to prevent you from choosing colors that are the same as the background in the Colors dialog box.
  4. Fixed the Set Initial Value menu item for systems of ODEs and second- order and higher equations.
  5. Size of dots on dotted grid is now dependent on gridlinewidth parameter.
  6. Fixed crash loading data plot on startup.

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