User-Contributed Translations and Add-Ons

User Guides

"Getting started" tutorials, as a substitute or addition to the regular help file.
  Dutch (Flemish) 2.0c Stefan Van [331kb]
  Swedish 2.0f Thomas LingefjärdSvensk Introduktion Till Graphmatica [pdf, 1.6MB]
  Brazilian Portugese 2003p Izaias Cordeiro NeriGuia do Usuário - Graphmatica v2003p [pdf, 959KB]
  Slovenian 2.0g Marko GašperšicGraphmatica Do Vrhunca [pdf, 1999KB]

Add-ons and examples

This section lists companion programs/interactive web pages and example files that users have sent me to share.
  Spanish 2.0c Carlos [331kb]
Paginas que pueden creer archivos de Graphmatica sobre Rectas paralelas, rectas secantes, y sistemas lineales

Unsupported Translations

The English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Danish, and Swedish translations are officially supported by kSoft. "Unsupported" translations include:
  Arabic 2.0c [267kb]
  Chinese 1.63 (beta) Lopin Alsene [147kb]
  Simplified Chinese 2.0e Hua Yikai [171kb]
  Japanese 2.0b LightStone Corp. [165kb]
  Korean 2.0b Science software. [163kb]
Note that these translations are:

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