This feature allows you to see a table of coordinates as the program is drawing your graph. When you select the Point Tables option, the rightmost part of the screen is devoted to the Point Tables window: a grid displaying the coordinates of graphs as they are drawn. Later you can copy the contents of the Point Tables window to the clipboard for importing into a document, printing, etc. using the Edit Copy Tables feature. This option is available to aid the drawing of graphs by hand and provide a reference for labeling the axes if you print the graph without the legends on. Also, the results of calculating specific points using the Evaluate, Find Intersection, or Find Critical Points dialog boxes, or finding the area under a curve using the Integrate menu item are accumulated here.

By default, the point tables option is OFF; it restricts the space available for the grid and the process does slow graphing a bit. You can turn it on or off by selecting Point Tables in the View menu.

For Cartesian functions only, Graphmatica can display points for several graphs in the same table to assist in comparing curves point-by-point. Applicable graphs will automatically be added to an existing table until it fills up.

By default, the increment between calculated points in the table is automatically adjusted to be the same as the spacing between grid lines. However, you can customize both the increment between calculated points and the number of graphs allowed in the same table in the PointTables tab of the Settings dialog box. See Tables Options for details.

The width of the Point Tables window (and the individual columns within it) is resizable via the standard metaphor of dragging the column boundaries. When the mouse cursor changes to the left-right arrow, click and drag from side to side to change the width of the selected column or entire table. Note that on the Macintosh, you must use the blank header columns at the top of the table to resize the columns.

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