There are two options you can control for the point tables (Printout window): the increment between calculated points and the maximum number of graphs per table. Both of them are considered global options so their state is not saved in individual graph documents (.gr files) but they are saved in graphmat.ini when you choose Save Setup Info from the File menu.

To set these options, choose Settings from the Options menu and select the Point Tables tab. Of course, you must also display the Point Tables window by checking the Point Tables menu item before your settings will be visible.

You have three choices for the interval between points:

Note that the legends and grid spacing options work the same regardless of whether the legends or gridlines are actually displayed. Also note that if you set custom spacing for the legends, these two tables spacing options will react appropriately, so you may not need to set Custom spacing for point tables as well.

You can specify the number of decimal places (between 2 and 14) to display for points in the tables. This setting also controls the precision of the results displayed for other numerical calculations, for example those performed by the Evaluate, Find Intersection, and Find Critical Points functions.

You can also set the maximum number of Cartesian functions which may share a table using the edit box at the bottom of the Point Tables dialog box. You may choose between 1 and 9. Graphs are automatically added to an existing table up to this limit if possible.

Note that to avoid confusion, only Cartesian functions of the same variable (y or x) are allowed to share a table. Cartesian relations use 2 columns in their own table to display the two "halves" of the relation (e.g. the top and bottom of a circle). Other types of graphs already use more than one column and often have different independent variables, so they aren't well suited to sharing a table with another graph.

If you specify more columns than fit in the space you've allotted to the Point Tables window, you will also need to check the "Show horizontal scrollbar" box to see all of the columns. (If you do not, you must increase the width of the window in order to see the additional data.)

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