The General tab in the Global Settings dialog box allows you to control many of the options available in Graphmatica. Following is a description of its controls, from top to bottom:

Zoom Factor This value controls the behavior of the Zoom in and Zoom out commands. When you zoom in, the grid range is shrunk by this factor; when you zoom out it is increased by the same factor. For instance, with the default value of 2, zoom in cuts the width and height of the grid range by half. Zooming out by a factor of two makes the grid twice as wide and high. Zoom factors <= 1 are not allowed because they produce meaningless results. Decimals greater than 1 are valid, though (e.g. a factor of 1.05 changes the dimensions of the screen just slightly).

Fineness Factor Allows you to change the fineness factor, which balances graph smoothness with computation time. See Adjusting the Fineness for details.


Save settings on exit

Mark to save all global options to graphmat.ini when you exit Graphmatica. This is set by default; you should probably only uncheck it if you want to configure the defaults for a network installation manually and prevent students from changing the defaults on individual workstations.

Draw graphs with wide lines-- pixels

Mark to draw graphs with extra-wide lines for better visibility (slows down graphing and redrawing; not recommended on slower machines). This option has no effect when Draw graphs with dots, no lines (below) is selected. You may also optionally increase the width of these wide lines (by default 2 pixels) for extra visibility

Draw graphs with dots, no lines

Mark to draw only calculated points on graphs, not the segments connecting them. This option may speed up drawing somewhat, although visibility of graphs is reduced. Not recommended with full gridlines graph paper on. This option has no effect on inequalities; they must be drawn with lines, or the shading will "leak out" of the proper region.

Print warning error messages

Mark to display warning error messages while graphing. Off by default.

Print point tables

Mark to show the Point tables window and show calculated points graphed while graphing. Off by default.

AutoRedraw On--Draw Last ___ equations.

Mark the checkbox to turn AutoRedraw on. When it is on, you can also type in the maximum number of equations you would like to redraw.

AutoSquare grid when zooming

Mark to enable AutoSquare behavior. On by default.

AutoRange--Adjust y-axis to show new equations

Mark to enable AutoRange behavior. Off by default.

Shade Inverse of solution for inequalities

Check to shade the portion of the grid that is not in the solution when graphing inequalities. This option is enabled by default in the French version only.


OKAccept the current changes.
CancelForget the changes made in the Settings dialog box.
Reset to DefaultsSet all the options to their default (as specified by Graphmatica, not your GRAPHMAT.INI file or user preferences) settings. See Default settings for details. To reset the Grid Range and Theta Range, however, you must call up and use the Defaults buttons in their own dialog boxes.

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