Version 2.4b Upgrade Information

Version 2.4b adds convenient graph highlighting and the ability to pick the line style used for your graphs, so it's easier to match equations to graphs when there are multiple curves on the screen. It also adds support for several more equation syntax options and fixes a number of little issues that uers have reported over the past year.

Downloading the new version

Version 2.4b for Windows supports all modern 32-bit and 64-bit platforms: Windows XP through Windows 10.
Version 2.4.1 for Macintosh supports OS X 10.6 and newer. (The new popover error messages require 10.7.) Windows translations:

Please e-mail me at if you find anything about the new features that does not work as advertised, or if you find a regression in any existing feature.

Compatibility Notices

What's new in version 2.4b

Bug fix

New feature

What's new in version 2.4a

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed y=x^(-(2/3)) to be correctly identified as an even power, so it draws both sides of the graph.
  2. Fixed a rare memory corruption issue in curve fitting code.
  3. Added experimental support for parsing constants in C-style exponential notation like 1.23e4 (must set "expnotation=on" option in graphmat.ini to enable).
  4. Fixed bug which could cause the "Guess for off-screen intersection" entered in the Find Intersection dialog box to be ignored.
  5. Fixed bug which caused Find Intersection on two curves with only a single point of their domains in common to display a spurious "Cannot solve this equation using Newton's method" error. The single shared point is now evaluated to see if it is an intersection or not.
  6. Adjusted associativity of implied function parameters to assume that a factor which contains another function call was meant to multiply the first function call, not the function parameter. For instance, y = sinx cosx now parses as y=(sin x)*(cos x) rather than y=sin(x*cos x). You can of course add explicit parentheses around function parameters to clarify your intent.
  7. Fixed issues which could cause a fatal error graphing an equation to also corrupt memory or crash the program.
  8. Fixed formatting of equations produced by Find Derivative so derivatives of tan(x) and cot(x) graph correctly on reload.

What's new in version 2.4

New/improved features

  1. Curves are now highlighted as you mouse over them or select them in the equation list.
  2. Added Pick Line Style to the context menu for equations, allowing you to choose from solid, dashed, dotted, and dash-dot line styles.
  3. Fixed-increment Cartesian, polar, and parametric graphs (i.e. with the step rate specified as a third parameter in the domain) now display as a series of points; point tables are aligned to display the same values.
  4. The parser now accepts functions run together with a single-variable parameter, e.g. y=logx.
  5. Added support for specifying powers of functions before the parameter e.g. y=sin^2x or y=cos²x
  6. Any equation/inequality that is explicitly specified as x=f(y) is now graphed as a function of y, even if it can be solved for y instead.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug which could cause graphs to be drawn slightly past the end of their specified domain.
  2. Find All Graphs now adjusts the range based only on the requested domain of the equations (rather than the maximum possible values that would be visible on the screen with an unrestricted domain).
  3. Selection highlighting now uses a dark transparent overlay (instead of a hard to see white overlay) for bright colors other than pure white.
  4. Fixed a number of issues with graphing inequalities like x < 1/y, where it is important to evaluate asymptotes as a function of y instead of x.
  5. Fixed a problem which caused ODEs (and implicit Cartesian functions) to fail to register (and later disappear) when evaluation failed due to a non-fatal error (overflow, out of domain, etc.). They now just stop drawing at that point.
  6. Eliminated extra vertical asymptote drawn as part of y=acot x.
  7. Fixed cubert(x) function to be defined for x < 0.
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