Edit Menu: Undo, Copy, Paste, and Editing Equations/Annotations

Undo Grid Range Revert grid range to previous settings
Undo/Redo XXX⌘Z/⇧⌘Z Undo or redo grid range changes or changes to the equation list
Copy Graphs XXX Copy graphs to clipboard as a bitmap or metafile
Copy Graphs Copy graphs to pasteboard in both TIFF and PDF formats
Export Graphs JPG
Export Graphs PNG
Save graphs as a JPEG or PNG image
Copy Tables
Copy Equations
Paste Data Plot
See other clipboard operations
Hide GraphCtrl+H⇧⌘H Hide the graph of the selected equation
Delete GraphCtrl+D ⌘D Delete the graph of the selected equation
Delete All Graphs Clear the whole queue
AnnotationsCtrl+A ⇧⌘A Adding Annotations to the Graph
Special Characters Adding special characters to your equations or labels

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